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A3 Problem Solving Template v (April ) by Henrik Kniberg and Tom Poppendieck. License: Creative Commons Attribute International. And that increases the likelihood that people will read and maintain the doc. So A3 problem solving isn’t really about .

A3 Problem Solving: What it is ... and what it isn't

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The causative factors hide behind misinformation, intermediate causes and sloppy thinking. Toyota actually uses several styles of A3 reports--for solving problems, for reporting project status, and for proposing policy changes--each having its own "storyline. Toyota Motor Corporation is famed for its ability to relentlessly improve operational performance.

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A high proportion of interconnection cables are scrapped in a firm that manufactures sophisticated electronic equipment. Round up the usual suspects While the A3 procedure could, in principle, be effective for individual problem solving, the team approach brings an entirely new dimension.

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Round up the usual suspects The steps of the A3 process, with examples The A3 Report including a downloadable template A case study from a hospital Some of our research from a National Science Foundation grant.

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Investigation showed that this was not the case; the errors were egregious and were processed very quickly.

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Lack of Consensus When various stakeholders disagree about a problem and its solution, implementation of the solution will not have full support and often fails, even if it happens to be a good solution. Any opinions, findings, and conclusions or recommendations expressed in this material are those of the author s and do not necessarily reflect the views of the National Science Foundation.